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Aemilius, The Last Viking


One day, Robert Jarvis received a phone call from an antique dealer located north of Toronto. He said he had in storage an old roll-top desk that had been taking up space for some time. By now it was falling apart so he intended to burn it. But he found it was full of old papers that seemed to have belonged to a man name Aemilius Jarvis. Further, if Robert was a relative he was welcome to the contents. 
Robert retrieved a carton full of old newspaper clipping, letters, old photos, maps, handwritten poems, diaries, ships' logs, medals, ribbons, flags - his grandfather's life in a box.
He decided then and there that he had to turn it into a coherent narrative for his children and grandchildren. They should know about this remarkable man. It took him ten years to collate all that wealth of material and he completed The Last Viking in 2004.

After his death in 2010 his wife, Nadia, felt that because this project had been so important to him, his original book needed to be reprinted in this more permanent format.