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Courtship Chronicles

How should a couple conduct their courtship? Jim Reese and Adrienne Kerr became college sweethearts. They wanted to build a fulfilling friendship with no regrets. As devoted followers of Jesus Christ, they consulted the Designer of Marriage and His "Life-Style Manual," the Bible, which explains "Why so," "What for," and How to."
This book unveils the story of their growing love through two years of courtship leading to their marriage in 1957. During their fiftieth year of marriage, they read to each other the letters they'd written fifty years before. As they read, they marked the sections they felt would be meaningful to their children and grandchildren. They presented this compilation to their family on their golden wedding anniversary.
Courtship Chronicles is recommended reading for all couples contemplating marriage, as well as for anyone who delights to read a true and heart-warming love story.