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Crieff Hills Suffrage

Creiff Hill Suffrage is a fictional novel depicted in 1853, Scotland, that tells the tale of a grieving, retired, guard, recounting the year leading to his brothers' demise. The loyalties and expectations he has defined his life with continue, as he faces the circumstances he believes contributed to his loss.
A victim himself to the effects of civil conflict, and patriarchal leadership, he suffers with a compulsive disorder, while the characters living alongside him, have their own, peculiarities that create the turns to the end.
The seeking of wealth and power reflected throughout the work, similar to the timeless dilemmas we all face regardless of culture. The book passively expressing how the limited roles of woman, realizes some of these limits. For the readers, it is intended to slow the mind to regard the less thought of perspectives of everyday life. The thievery and the rationalizations to cover the misdeeds lead the reader through the narrators' perspective and societies need to increase education and freedom for women to avoid unnecessary loss.