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Derailment Is A Challenge

Marilyn Macmillan is a war baby who was born in London, England and came to London, Ontario without bringing the Thames River with her. 
She was born knowing how to be determined, indefatigable and never giving up on any challenge. She has had a life filled with many occasions that illustrate that she can ride chaos with aplomb.
Her first job after failing to achieve a BA, was as a file clerk. She turned that job into a vocation of being an Employee Benefits specialist where she finished working in that field at the executive level of a national company.
Her brush with death from an encounter with black ice on the 401 resulted in a massive brain injury so she instantly lost herself, her roles, her abilities, her country, many senses, her memory and her reason for getting up in the morning.
Not rolling over and playing dead, she is now a writer, an orator and a wit. Her ability to meet challenges suggests that she's a Terry Fox in her own way.
We should each keep putting one foot in front of the other and make our NOW as good as possible for ourselves and others.