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Foundations of Revival Workbook

"Revival" is a topic spoken about and prayed for but not every believer has a clear understanding of what revival really means. "Forward...March!" Ministries, therefore, designed a working seminar to help believers gain a good, biblical knowledge of Revival, from God's Perspective.
This seminar is about revival. It includes enough information to explain Revival in both the Old and New Covenants.
From the Hebraic Scriptures believers will learn to identify:
- The need for Revival
- The purpose of Revival 
- The call of God to believers for Revival 
- The normal characteristics of Revival
- The expected promises about Revival
From the Apostolic Scriptures believers will learn to identify:
- How revival works since the cross of Yehsua
- How to apply the topic of revival to their lives
When finished this "Working Seminar" on Revival, each student should have a solid, biblical viewpoint on the subject of Revival, and know what to expect in their day!