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I'm a Bear

Everyone called Bear a puppy but this golden doodle knew he was something much better than that-a bear. He thinks a lot and shows great intelligence. He likes to challenge things like that noisy rolling pin. But why does he get blamed for making a noise when it makes all the noise, growling back at him every time he nudges it with his nose? Life has many mysteries, like why do birds keep going up after they jump but he just falls back down?

Bear is a family creature. He is very emotional and gets lonely when people go away-or when he has to sleep all alone. Don and Danielle sleep together in bed, but they put him in a dog cage so he won't chew things. This puppy needs love and just wants to crawl into bed with them. He loves everybody and just wants to make everyone happy. He watches everything, studies people and other animals and finally learns the secret of a happy life. Snake is angry and wants to bite him. So he doesn't play with Snake. Frog lets Bear hold him in his mouth. But when Frog wants to swim, Bear lets him go. So the secret of life is be good to everyone, make everyone happy, respect the fact that we are all different and never use bad words like Squirrel does.