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Intelligent Leaders

Finally, a book on leadership that draws upon what hockey players think is funny. While most leadership books are deadly serious and draw upon quotes from acknowledged experts, Wayne Townsend's book is the first to illuminate the core of intelligent leadership through the use of humorous anecdotes and stories. He still includes comments and references to the most well-known leaders from business, politics and sports, and he quickly identifies what constitutes intelligent leadership, but his use of engaging and relevant humour throughout the book will likely encourage readers to claim the stories as their own, even the intelligent ones.
Rey Carr, CEO Peer Resources
Townsend has nailed it. His book, Intelligent Leaders, offers insights into leadership from a different angle. Townsend unravesl the concepts of intelligence both intellectually and emotionally. Many Fortune 500 companies use formal mentor programs to support and keep their staff and to attract aspiring leaders. The book covers many aspects of leadership not yet dealt with in a single handbook. His brilliant use of humour and anecdotal teaching makes the often esoteric concept of leadership accessible to anyone. The annotated bibliography alone makes this book worth the investment. This is a must read for anyone in leadership and aspiring leaders.
Mike Stevenson, BSc. PMP. L3 Electron System Services