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Kingdom Keys for Kingdom Kids


Scientists spent countless hours and incalculable finances to unlock the basic principles that govern our planet. None of their research, however, could even begin to unlock the secrets of a certain dynamic force that powerfully affects the earth: The Kingdom of God.

To those interested in knowing the secrets of that Kingdom, Yeshua said:
"Unto you it is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God"
In that discourse, Yeshua made it clear that those willing to hear His Message, those with eyes to see and ears to hear, could know and understand God's Kingdom. Thus on that premise of Yeshua's words, Kingdom Keys for Kingdom Kids was written.
Within its pages, it outlines the basic operative laws within God's Kingdom to help believers recognize and identify the realities of that Kingdom. From that basic knowledge, the stage is then set for believers to embrace the concept of the Kingdom of God and step into the Dynamic role that God Designed for them.
Understand the Kingdom of God. Know its Laws & Concepts and how they operate! It just might change your life!