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Kingdom Keys for Kingdom Kids Workbook

Many believers yearn to know the deeper things of God found in His Word, but they are not able to attend a Bible College, nor take an in-depth bible study.
Working seminars provide a good solution since they present the student with Bible College material in a text book, a workbook, and with a qualified teacher to help believers learn the many profound truths of God as found within His Word.
Even the newest believer in the faith, with very little education, can attend and complete a working seminar, and of course, Bible College Students or graduates who wish to add to their learning can do so also.
In a working seminar, the student actively partakes in the learning experience by completing, step-by-step assignments within their own workbook:
- The first step, completed by the student before class, "jump-starts" the student, on the topic at hand
- Students complete all the remaining lessons within the classroom setting under the guidance of a qualified leader
- Review of the lessons and teaching lessons take place during the seminar hours
In a working seminar, the student has the satisfaction of a first-hand learning experience, and when they go home, they do so with a better understanding of the subject, ready to apply it to their life.