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Molded for the Miraculous!

Did you know you were created with a God-ordained purpose in mind?
As a spiritual being, God molded "you" for greatness! You might not understand that greatness...yet...but nevertheless, it is there, lying dormant, ready and waiting to come to life.
One key to bring this greatness forward is to embrace the reason why God created you. Once you know that, understand and employ it, you are positioned to move ahead to follow a road that leads to your destiny's fulfillment.
That journey can change your life!
It can also change the lives of those you love, and depending on your commitment to that destiny, its fulfillment can even change the world!
All these possibilities await you, by simply knowing, accepting and acting upon the purpose for which God created you.
Learn the main reason why God made mankind. 
Make your choice to accept and act upon it.
Then live your life triumphantly, for you are Molded for the Miraculous!