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Salvation Depicted in a Meal

More and more Christian believers all over the world, who explore the Hebraic roots of their faith, desire to observe the Passover. These believers understand the words of Yeshua to His Disciples when He said, "Do this in remembrance of Me"
While the desire to fulfill Yeshua's command is in the hearts of believers, many do not know how to celebrate the Passover properly. Salvation Depicted in a Meal, solves that dilemma. It is a guide to assist Gentile believers to celebrate the Passover, scripturally, confidently and comfortably within their own home or church setting.
Salvation Depicted in a Meal, presents the Passover Meal in a New Testament light, revealing Yeshua throughout. As this revelation unfolds within the Passover celebration ,it reinforces the gospel message so believers can share both the Passover and their faith with their family and friends.
Make your Passover celebration delightful and meaningful showing Yeshua in the Passover!