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Sufi: A Commentary


Not revelation, but the accent, the flavor of revelation, this commentary offers a description or analysis of the mysteries at the heart of Sufi experience. The true study of Sufism does not begin in a book or in scholarly investigations because this is an inner pursuit, a path which lies within that must be examined experientially by anyone who has a hunger to know what must be known, and that translated means a hunger for God and His truth.

When we contemplate the soul from the human perspective we understand who we are, we came from God, we are a mirror of His light which will be reflected back into Him one day. In the meantime, while we are here we have certain obligations because of this divine origin, this connection and destiny-we are the reflection of a formless power whose existence we must manifest in what we do, what we think, what we say, what we believe. We do this by studying and acquiring His attributes already invested in us, a shadow form, the reflection in the mirror.

What was given to us originally is purity and the light of purity; this is the state we had to begin with and this is the state we need to recover, using the fine blade of absolute faith to cut away the darkness and clutter obscuring the grace which is our gift. Some talk of losing their faith, some talk of not being able to find their faith, but Sufis know faith is a given, it is already there, not something we can lose like an object, a toy, a set of keys, although we have to undertake the task of uncovering it, shining it up so that this faith can recognize the light of our original purity.