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The Investors Tool Kit


You need the proper tools to build anything; a house, a car, and even a cake. Building your real estate investment career is no different. Scott McGillivray, host of Income Property, and Michael Sarracini, real estate investor and veteran entrepreneur, packed some of the most powerful tools into the toolkit you are holding right now.

Michael and Scott bought their first property as University students. After buying and living in a student house together, these two friends quickly recognized the potential wealth to be created through real estate. As they invested in more properties, the guys recorded all of their experiences and lessons-learned. As a team, Scott and Michael have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, and have managed over one thousand tenants. 
"If the only tool you have in your toolkit is a hammer, than all you will see is a nail"

Scott and Michael have created a toolkit jam-packed full of useful tools to help you find the best deals. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor, or starting out with your first property, you will use this essential combination of tools to identify the deals that will make you successful, maximize profits, maximize cash flow, and ultimately allow you to achieve your goals.