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The Last Trench Fighter

In the year 2030, an ambitious reporter names Jason Rapier discovers a spry 134-year-old veteran of The Great War, who has been living as a hermit in rural Oxford County. Cecil Farmer is driven to defend himself and his beloved family farm from the evil schemes of this young rogue. Cecil is unwillingly propelled into a violent life and death struggle with his tormentor, made worse by the taxing demands of the outside world. In fighting his lone battle against impossible odds, the old warrior reluctantly becomes a living symbol of his own Lost Generation. Cecil's vivid and horrific stories about life in the trenches, the suffering of the wounded, and the brutal combat at Ypres, The Somme, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, and the Amiens sear the minds and fire the imaginations of his modern society. As the book smashes it's way to its unforgettable ending Cecil's deeds begin to elevate him toward the status of myth and legend. <i>The Last Trench Fighters' </i>story may just change your view of the men and women of 1914-1918 and their ghastly struggles for survival in The Great War. Dare to explore the incredible world of this old-fashioned hero.