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The Benefits of Self-Publishing

Maintain Full Ownership

Keep Creative Control



Book Production

Design/Layout Expertise

Book Archiving

Storage of Intellectual Property

Soft & Hard Cover

Vast Range of Printing Options

Print on Demand

No Inventory Costs

Fulfillment Options

Including E-commerce


Regulatory Assistance - ISBNs

To get a book published, the traditional method requires an author to submit a script to a publisher hoping that it will be accepted. It is often exceedingly difficult to get a work published in this conventional manner. Instead, why not consider self-publishing? With self-publishing, an author will maintain creative control and retain full ownership of their intellectual property. If you are an author or illustrator considering self-publishing, Volumes has a variety of packages available. Acquire an ISBN number; obtain design and production support, and arrange distribution. A customer service representative is available to guide you through the process.