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Inky the Baby Crow

Inky the Baby Crow is a very special bird. A young farm boy growing up
in the early 1960s in Oro Township found and rescued a black ball of fluff
from the snow in the early spring. Over time a relationship grew between
the boy and the bird as he raised his friend with care and love. He learned
that a crow is very intelligent and can find all kinds of ways to play jokes
and get himself into trouble. It seems he had a special affinity for Grandad
and saved his best tricks for annoying the man. He was a friend and a
trickster and he loved games. On the other hand, he adopted the farm as
his home, giving warning calls and warding off predators. In the crows'
world he was known as a sentinel and it showed. Inky was a part of the
farm, touching the hearts and lives of the whole family.