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Thou Shall Not Salt

Thou Shalt Not Salt introduces 39 original recipes that are salt free. Not only are the recipes devoid of sodium, and economical to prepare, but they are lean, wholesome and tasty. Yes, TASTY. The negative assumption (prejudice) that no salt cooking will be bland and tasteless does not have to be so.
This fun practical cookbook is essentially for singles and couples, yet with ease, the recipes can be easily adapted to feed greater numbers of people. Here is a compilation of hearty recipes that are budget conscious, and simple-easy to prepare. If you believe that eating at home, in order to avoid high sodium levels is a negative then this book will help you turn cooking at home into an exciting adventure.
<i>Thou Shalt Not Salt</i> includes easy to make soups and stews, delicious pasta and rice dishes, plus salads, desserts and more.