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Across the Great Divide


Imagine a sweet and quirky love story with flawed characters seeking the Realm of the Second Chance and Real Love.

Imagine a story that asks how a clay-footed mortal man can possibly woo an angel.

Imagine a simple story that knocks on the door of your heart you had marked Private. 

Across the Great Divide asks some simple questions.

How does one get the Inner Critic to shut the hell up or, at least, be more helpful? 

Fat Chance! Dream on!    [The Inner Critic]

Will the band get back together resentment-free and in time? 

What is the half-life of trauma?

Will Lord Byron ever come out of the closet?

Are do-overs an actual possibility or a myth of Sisyphus trap?

Are marketing jingles or music lyrics the best examples of modern philosophy?

How much courage does it take to go Across the Great Divide? 

Imagine a visit to the cherry blossoms and gardens of Victoria, British Columbia along with a fertile seed of hope in story form. 

Go on. Take a chance.