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Canada - Glorious and Free


Most readers can't really imagine fun and Canadian History being used in the same sentence. Yet many adults profess their desire to learn more about Canada, if only there was an easy way of doing so. Now there is.

Canada...Glorious and Free is the tale of Canada and Canadians from early settlement through modern times. Anecdotal accounts recall exciting eras that produced Canada's leaders, heroes, explorers, activists, inventors, writers and entertainers.

Did you know for instance: That British forces captured Quebec City twice; the first time they gave it back. A plot to assassinate Champlain and turn Canada over to Spain was discovered in 1608. The Prime Minister's wife created a popular fad riding through the Rockies seated on a chair strapped to the steam locomotive's cow catcher. The B.C. pig incident almost caused a war. At the end of World War II Canada's 378 vessel navy was the third largest fleet at sea, while Canada's air force was the fourth largest in the world. On a per capita basis Canada is the greatest contributor to UN peacekeeping missions. The Order of Good Cheer is a four hundred year old Canadian tradition.

Canada...Glorious and Free  enables readers to quickly grasp Canada's timeline in a storybook style that makes for easy reading. The author and his wife, Bev, reside in Toronto.