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The Wrong Road


Jimmy Burns, born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada spent his workdays delivering auto parts. Wanting more, to be loved, or at least noticed, did not seem to be in the cards for jimmy. He often found himself living in the shadows of life. He was the kind of person who could attend a party and the next day people would ask why he never showed up. 

He found some enjoyment hanging around with Frank Rossini, a classmate from grade school who now fenced stolen property and held court in the local strip club bar. Mostly, Jimmy Burns was nothing more than a bump on a log at the bar, until one day, a girl named Dakota walked in. 

Dakota, a beautiful young dancer, new to the club, swooned over the astonished Jimmy Burns, turning his head and in a short time, changed his life forever. 

Without the finances to afford the lifestyle Dakota demanded, Jimmy turned to an intended one-time robbery. Discovering that a great deal of enjoyment can be acquired when a guy has money in his pocket, Jimmy robs again, and again, and again, becoming addicted to the adventures and the attention he now received. 

Eventually, he must go on the run to keep from being caught. His addiction is strong, and Jimmy continues his illegal escapades. Then, one day, in a botched robbery, he shoots and kills a man. Jimmy Burns has taken the wrong road