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Adventure on a Frozen Island

This is a story of how two seniors spent a winter isolated on an island in the Muskokas. They were completely alone waiting for the lake to freeze up. Then the only way out was to travel with a snowmobile across frozen lakes and bush trails. Read the adventures of overcoming all their problems of firewood, propane, stove oil, gasoline, food and the necessities of life. There was the problem of the change-over from boat to snowmobile. The race with nature to get the skidoo parked across the lake, the boat into the boathouse the lake freezing only one day later. While travelling by snowmobile, they dug themselves out of snow banks on the bush trails and dug themselves out of 16" of deep slush on the frozen lake. How could they, miles from their warm cottage get out of the slush, get their machine back on the hard trail and reach safety? Who was sabotaging their truck? Not only did they battle nature, but also a vindictive ex-husband. Living with nature was a great experience, to see the seasons change from autumn to winter when the snow piled up. The coming of spring when the ice finally disappeared on Easter Sunday, the trees budding, wild flowers bloomed and the birds were coming home.