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A Book of Verse, Compositions and Philosophy


A colleague and friend of the author suggested the following for this book of verse etc., A Book of Verse, Compositions and Philosophy.

“Poems are strange documentations of the world in which we live. Strange for the author specifically gives a part of his immortal soul openly through his particular insight as a human sage. That means from his soul’s perspective and if knowing this why does he feel the need to share a part of his ‘immortality gifts’?

As the author’s colleague of many years, it is my belief that each human being has a soul and a spirituality designed only for him by the power of the Cosmos to be used by him. But the poet gives his gift to the world of literary individuals, part of his ephemeral spirit shared with his cosmic surroundings interpretations. However, it also includes the beauty of the universe which is enjoyed on early morning when he arises to witness the dawning of the new day.

To you my friend,  you appear to be influenced by the rotation of earth’s cyclical atmospheric changes. I would go so far as to state you identify with the surrounding life forces that are mystical to our planet. You are tapping into its divinity. Your book of Verse is a good read and is to be done slowly letting the brain digest and sip on the fine wine of the words. Thank you in memory of G. Renfrew.