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A Catalog of Nearctic Chironomidae

Adults of the family Chironomidae are commonly called chironomids, midges, nonbiting midges, or chironomid midges, and the red larvae of some groups are called bloodworms. 
Aquatic ecosystems are usually dominated by larval chironomids, in terms of number of species, biomass, or both. They are important in the break down of organic material and recycling nutrients, as food for fish, birds, and both terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, and as predators of aquatic invertebrates. Some species can tolerate the most polluted conditions, whereas others have very special requirements and quickly disappear when their habitat is stressed. Thus, the Chironomidae have exceptional potential to act as biological indicators of aquatic environmental health.
We have prepared a catalog of the taxa of Chironomidae recorded from the Nearctic region, with information on their distribution and relevant literature. This catalog is based only on published data to the end of 1989; it does not include unpublished data in collections, such as the Canadian National Collection of Insects.
Written in both French and English.