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A Distant Mourning

bused as a child by a father he has grown to loathe, Steven longs to distance himself from the memories of his childhood. As as adult he has a good job, a best friend, a mother he is close to and a budding romance with a beautiful woman. All of it is placed in jeopardy as he yearns to control a violent temper that lurks just beneath the surface of his psyche.
Steven has suffered from blackouts ever since he was a child and they are becoming more and more frequent. People around Steven are beginning to die, yet he isn't certain he's not the killer. What happens when he blacks out?
The police are sure he has something to do with the deaths and they are closing in. Someone knows the truth and is sending Steven mysterious messages.
He is running from his past to an uncertain future by way of a present that frightens him. Has the violence from his past caught up with him and created a monster?