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A Dog Named Gander (Chinese)

A Dog Named Gander ... Soft Cover

INTRODUCTION by Sergeant Major George S MacDonell:

When I was a boy I developed a love for dogs which has only grown over the years. My dogs have always been named "Pal", because in sharing my life my dogs have always been my close friend.
This is the story of a dog named "Pal" whose friendship I shared with one thousand other young men of our regiment in World War II. This "Pal", as he was first named, was renamed Gander by his soldier friends for his birth place in Gander, Newfoundland.
This magnificent Newfoundland dog was enlisted in the Canadian Army at the beginning of World War II when his regiment the Royal Rifles of Canada was on duty in Newfoundland. As part of ³C-Force² he traveled half way around the world with his regimental comrades to help the brave people of Hong Kong defend their island against a Japanese invasion in December of 1941. It was here, on this Asian Battlefield, that Gander showed his courage and his loyalty to his comrades and became world famous.