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A Mosaic of Short Stories and Poems

This is a variety of short stories; mythical, love, ghosts, humorous, political satire and mystery, as well as an interesting collection of poems, The Beauty of Writing is one of them.
Mysterious little creatures who are believed to exist in Jamaica. An immigrant tells of her experience of working in the low wage industries in Canada. The story of a banjo player who rides the bicycle while playing his banjo, his ghost is seen by children on the beach to the consternation of their parents. An African woman's struggle for survival. A romantic story of a kissing stone. From My Heavenly Home, an imaginative environmental story of how the spirits look down on earth today to see how it compares with early man. Dianne remembers the ghosts of Roderick Lake, followed by Searching for the Spirits of My Ancestors. Both co-written by Dianne and Vincent. Do yo Know, Skunks Believe in God? Good Wars,  from Roman times to modern, corporate war. The Big Christian Island Oils Strike is a hilarious story of the impossible.  My Most Memorable Christmas during the Great Depression in 1935.  Love-N Sex at Eighty
Poems such as Cloud Nine, Stitches of Love, Duncan's Legacy, Who Wins and Love in a Shower