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A Most Remarkable Parable - A Reimagining of My Faith


My life has been one adventure after another, from farm boy to shoe salesman, social activist to warehouse receiver, grocery buyer to store manager, warehouse manager to regional and provincial category manager, and finally to national category manager of store supplies. At 57, I retired and became a travelling salesman, then a coffee demonstrator with a big red van travelling all over the province and giving away free cups of coffee. Following that, I did a great gig as a security guard for Research In Motion. These were all things I had dreamed about doing when I was busy earning a living. I then spent several years volunteering for five different environmental and community organizations. In 2019 I transitioned again and decided to try my hand at being a writer. My first book was a legacy project written for friends and family. This one is an undertaking I have wanted to do since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.