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Advanced Graphology: An Encyclopedia of Personality Traits Revealed in Handwriting


Advanced Graphology presents detailed descriptions of 131 personality traits and includes over 200 real-life examples of what they actually look like in handwriting. This unprecedented level of detail is indispensable to experienced practitioners and those who are just interested in an introduction to graphology in order to answer questions like, “Why does my letter “k” look the way it does?”

Advanced Graphology is a substantial improvement over other handwriting books that only provide vague or very subjective descriptions of how to assess the frequency and strength of personality traits seen in handwriting. This encyclopedia provides specific criteria that are easily measurable and therefore reproducible, ensuring that personality profiling is elevated to a whole new level of accuracy. Also included are extensive notes regarding trait interactions.

Advanced Graphology introduces a number of enhanced applications for evaluating traits that are of particular interest to people who may be contemplating a new personal relationship, a new business partnership or for human resource specialists who need to recruit someone with a very specific set of personality traits. Two examples of these enhanced applications involve the assessment of a person’s organizational skills and evaluating the level of untrustworthiness of an individual.