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Adventures at Loch Arran Resort

In the recession of 1980, Joan and Dan Cowan, a hard-working couple ­dedicated to building a life for their children, must leave a broken dream behind them and search for another. As had other explorers in the past, they soon discover the blue jewel of Arran Lake in the natural Canadian environment of the once-wild Arran Township in Bruce County. The dream unfolds before their eyes with the purchase of a ­vacation resort along Arran’s shores. 
The Cowans decide to take on the risks: gamble their finances, their love, and even their sanity as they struggle to make a living while ­providing a taste of nature to anyone willing to pay. Beautiful Arran Lake, the call of the loon, and winter ­isolation become backdrops to the Cowan family’s challenging life journey--a ­journey that parallels the experiences of those who came before them.
This book includes a history of the resort and 11 pages of coloured photos.