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An Illustrated History of Waringstown

The book reveals an exceptionally rich and significant history of Waringstown villages from its founding in 1658 by William Waring. The Waring family introduced prior to 1700 a cottage hand-loom weaving industry which lasted until 1968. Throughout this period the various social and economic changes are noted. After 1950 the village experience its most significant and numerous social and economic changes.<br>
In 1851 a Cricket Club was founded. Since that time the Club has had almost continuous participation in the Ulster Senior League. The book includes a summary of the outstanding achievements of the club and its members.The detailed history of the linen industry in the village and area is outlined in the context of the development of the industry in Ulster.<br>
Over 100 illustrations including photographs, maps and diagrams are included. Many of the pictures have never been published, including pictures of the Waring family.