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Ask & Listen - Essential Workplace Leadership Skills

Ask & Listen: Essential Workplace Leadership Skills is a highly practical guide for all workplace leaders in the fundamental skills of asking and listening. These simple, powerful skills are absolutely fundamental to the success of any leader. Wise leaders, by first asking and genuinely listening in all situations, invariably develop trust and mutual understanding, attain powerful insights, build sound relationships and achieve strong commitments with others.

Ask & Listen: Essential Workplace Leadership Skills shows leaders how to ask and listen to:
  • Develop immediate and continuing rapport with anyone.
  • Build strong working relationships with others.
  • Develop and maintain trust and personal credibility.
  • Establish a positive leadership presence.
  • Create a positive work environment.
  • Build and sustain a network of sound work alliances.
  • Tap into the differences that people bring to the workplace.
  • Share ideas in ways that generate two way dialogue and willing responses.
  • Constructively explore and resolve mutual problems.
  • Successfully avert and resolve unhealthy conflict.
  • Conduct effective hiring interviews.
  • Effectively orient and train new people for the workplace.
  • Develop others’ skills through effective work delegation.
  • Give full recognition for individuals’ performance successes.
  • Help people develop their full performance potential.
  • Give constructive feedback to others.
  • Ensure follow-through on commitments.
  • Generate and explore new ideas and suggestions.
  • Conduct successful performance reviews.
  • Address performance problems such as missed deadlines or repeated errors.
  • Resolve work habit matters such absenteeism or punctuality.
  • Effectively handle unexpected mistakes.
  • Respond sensitively to employees’ personal concerns.
  • Successfully resolve work concerns and complaints.
  • Deal constructively with an upset, angry or argumentative individual.
  • Apply the disciplinary process wisely.