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Ayurvedic Fusion Cooking - Black and White Version


It is dismissively asserted, "You are what you eat." Do we in reality identify with what this voices? Acceptable diet in combination with suitable lifestyle is of the essence for a vigorous and healthy lifestyle. Many ailments and health troubles are outcomes of poor food selection and ignorance about the proper art of cooking for oneself and the family.

Food is used both as nourishment and as cure for diseases of the human body, if the chef uses the groceries correctly. The Science of Vegetarian Cooking comes from clinical experience gathered by Mothers for over five thousand years. Short-lived modern-day fads are dismissed fiercely.
The purpose of this cookbook is not only to share recipes collected over a lifetime but also to help choose suitable diets based on Ayurvedic principles. But first let us understand these. Although the Science is vast, it is still practiced subconsciously by the Mother under its permanence and uninterrupted integrity.
Eating by Ayurvedic principles is aimed at balancing the three humoral biological forces. In the majority, eating and health is directed toward altering the diet and life-style most suitable for a particular constitution. This approach gives the chef and the health care provider with a holistic approach whether reared in the East or in the West.