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Back to the Basics: A Practical Guide to Everyday Life


Have you ever asked yourself “How did the world become so damn complicated?” Found yourself wishing for a simpler time? Or seeking precise, meaningful guidance about how to navigate life?


Imagine the freedom of having a simple set of rules to live by, stripping away all the noise and confusion of complicated and contradictory advice about what you should and should not do. Better still, imagine how much more satisfying life would be when your time and attention is focused on what is most important for your holistic health, home and relationships. It is the stuff of competence, confidence and contentment – and it’s within reach. It is exactly what this book is about.

Back to the Basics: A Practical Guide to Everyday Life is organized into how-to sections:

  • Healthy Self
  • Healthy Home
  • Healthy Connections

Each section contains helpful hints and tips on how to return to the basics, providing much needed wellbeing and peace in our lives.

“The way I see it, life comes down to two choices. We can assume the victim role and allow doubt and negativity to take over, or we can take a survivor stance and allow adversity to empower us.”

 Thank you for allowing my lived experience to add meaning to your life.