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Because of Perry


Because Of Perry is about Perry who was born with Down Syndrome and the difference he made in the lives of others. It shows ways that his hope and enthusiasm made my heart sing. His positive attitude gave his life not only validity but value and worth. His experiences in the faith communities he was a part of show the positive impact faith communities can make in the lives of all people and the gifts they can offer in return. Later in his life, Perry developed serious health conditions where he needed a guardian to make decisions about the end of his life. The book concludes with reflection questions for readers to bridge Perry’s life with their own personal experiences. Because of Perry is written in a format that all people, regardless of age or ability, would learn from and enjoy.

May Perry’s life provide a vision and lens for what life can be like for all people. Thanks be to God for Perry and thanks be to Perry who showed us how to respond to God! AMEN.