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This book of essays depicts the personification of an ageing author that has a lot to say of these modern times of which he no longer feels to be a member. He is retired no longer dreaming of friendships, especially the illicit ones. Those halcyon days have long passed; even if the memory lingers, his intellect reminds him.

He reads the editorials written by aged individuals that use the period lingua franca English words and linkages. In his early youth, those authors of yester year were to be imitated by the intelligentsia.

A variety of topics course through his mind as the world speeds up and bring about changes rapidly with little discourse to his way of thinking. But satire has become not a form of wit and laughter but of ‘poor taste’ even rudeness. As if he would levy such a thing on those, who may not understand what he was saying. This author gets the appellative of arrogance in language use; in fact, he may be an anachronism.

His articles on the hard sciences are profound and have value to those wanting a mentor with a harsh or ironic sense of humor.

It was his humble beginnings being first born in a middle-class family and in a culture where the family acted middle class to begin with as described by his anecdotes. But education, beginning with primary school songs, his church Hymns as well as, the memorized poems combine to send him into an aged spiritualism of memories.

A joyful read for those wanting to relive the world of eight decades ago through the biography of these essays and commentaries