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Bully No More

A bullying teen, required to join an anti-bullying campaign at school as a result of an attack on a fellow student, must face his victims and come to terms with his past. But will the one person he wants to forgive him the most be able to do it?

Brandon - Brandon Cooper sees his bullying as harmless fun. Nobody really gets hurt, and he likes the feelings of power and respect it gives him. But when harmless fun turns serious, he must make a decision. Should he follow along as usual, or should he go against his bullying friends and protect the victim?

Kendra - With strong convictions against bullying, Kendra Roszell wants to see a change. So when the opportunity comes along to head up an anti-bullying group, she enthusiastically accepts. When she herself fall victim to a serious attack and learns that one of her attackers has been required to join the group, she is outraged. Will she ever be able to forgive him?