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Business Impact Analysis

'Business Impact Analysis (BIA): Building the Foundation for a Strong Business Continuity Program' by Business Continuity Management (BCM) / Disaster Recovery Planning (DR) subject matter expert A.Alex Fullick, is a must-have BCM/DR reference for anyone needing information about the Business Impact Analysis (BIA); a core component of any BCM/DR program. 
Business Impact Analysis walks the reader through detailed steps on how to plan, build and execute a BIA project through to presenting the findings to Executive Management; gaining approval to move forward with other BCM/DR program efforts. Since the BIA lays the ground work for future BIA/DR efforts, the book even goes so far as to provide helpful tips and traps to ensure a successful BIA project and how to embed the BIA into other organization processes. 
Having performed hundreds of BIA workshops, the reader benefits from the authors first-had experience and his ability to make each chapter clear and concise. Every BCM/DR program will benefit from having this book in their library of tools.