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Canadian Beetles (Coleoptera)

Beetles belong to the order Coleopera, the most diverse order of living organisms in the world. The estimated 9116 species in Canada constitute an important element of the fauna. 
The aim of this manual is to provide a comprehensive inventory of the species of beetles that have been reported as agricultural, ornamental, stored-product, and noxious pests in Canada or that have been reported as pests elsewhere and are known to occur in Canada. 
Not included in this publication are species important only to the forest industry, although species known to damage furniture and structural timbers in buildings are included. Species frequently intercepted at ports of entry in Canada are not included unless the species is known or suspected to be established in Canada.
This inventory is intended to provide entomologists, pest control researchers, agriculturists, and students with a compendium of essential information on the actual or potential pest species of beetles known to occur in Canada.