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Clinical Periodontology and Implant Surgery- 2 Volume Set


This comprehensive review manual provides all the information to a prospective candidate that needs to prepare for the American and Canadian Board of Periodontology Qualifying Examination. This two-volume book , set in question /answers format, addresses the most pertinent questions related to clinical  periodontology and implant surgery, with evidence-based answers.  With a focus toward clinical applications, the key topics of periodontal and implant surgery are covered in full . With over 900  clinical board type ( 575 questions on  all aspects of clinical periodontology and 330 questions to implant surgery )   and over 2000 cited articles from the classic and modern periodontal literature this aggregated wealth of knowledge will be of great benefit  to  students, researchers, clinicians, and educators who are trying to better understand these subjects   In addition, this book provides a comprehensive review of the scientific literature. References to peer-reviewed journal articles and periodontal and implant surgery textbooks also guide readers for further study and focus. A highly recommended study guide for all the periodontal residents seeking certification with the American and Canadian Board of Periodontology !


Volume 1. 1.Periodontal anatomy 2. Periodontal and Peri implant Surgical anatomy ; General principles of periodontal surgery 3.Etiology and Risk Factors

  1. Examination and Diagnosis 5.Furcation 6.Occlusal trauma 7.Prognosis 8.Nonsurgical periodontal therapy 9.Surgical Periodontal therapy 10. Periodontal Plastic Surgery 11. Re-evaluation and Maintenance 12.Smoking and Periodontal Disease 13. Periodontitis and Systemic Diseases 14. Periodontal Restorative Interface 15. Orthodontics and Periodontics

Volume 2 . 1. Critical Dimensions in Implant Dentistry 2.Management of Extraction Sockets 3.Immediate Implant Placement 4.Soft and Hard Tissue Defect Etiology on Dental Implants 5.Guided Bone Regeneration , Ridge Augmentation  6.Sinus Augmentation 7 Post-operative Implant Complications 8. Peri implant health  9. Biomaterials for promoting periodontal regeneration 10. Lasers and Minimally Invasive Periodontal and Peri Implant Surgery 11. Treatment Planning decision algorithms