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Covert Quest

A disgruntled government scientist vanishes, taking his classified defence research with him.
Investigative journalist Linc Ward reluctantly accepts a covert assignment to track him down on a remote Grenadine island to find out exactly what he's up to - before the research falls into the wrong hands.
As Linc navigates the politically and racially charged landscape of the British West Indies of the 1960s, he stumbles onto a shocking"business" deal with some dangerous partners, and crosses the line between pretense and reality, particularly where a captivating blonde is concerned. 
In Covert Quest, author Alan Phillips examines the various facets of love and deftly manoeuvres us to the precipice of a psychological cliffhanger. He compels us to look inward as we recognize elements of ourselves in the characters we meet and, ultimately, challenges us to allow love to penetrate the facade we present to the world.
The author is donating the royalties from the sale of Covert Quest to QuickStart Early Intervention for Autism