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Benjamin Harder was born into a life of asymmetric warfare, entrapped by the family business. 

After the events of Angle, a Time Magazine reporter makes the trek to Ben’s hiding spot to interview him on the doings of Harder Security as his life and the company are coming to an end. Ben recounts his time in 1930s Abyssinia on the runup to WWII as Mussolini sought to conquer the Horn of Africa. It flows to his time in the Korean War, then Vietnam. As a contractor for hire he did the things his clients wanted done but couldn’t do themselves. If they paid well enough, morals be dammed. He spins his tale of a simple family-man trapped in difficult times with each war crime justified in his mind. Each time he has the opportunity to escape the company he runs, he rejects it and digs himself deeper into the family curse until finally he has to run for the hills.