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Cubans and Canadians - Our Two Societies

This story is about an extended vacation of three months and how we learned about Cuba and its people. It is a new and different way of living, quite unlike our way of living in Canada. There are two principles of Cubans we were suddenly confronted with that are key to understanding. They are equality and justice. This is the guide. "We are all Cubans in Cuba". All Cubans are treated equally. Do you know how good that makes you feel? The descendants of Spanish colonizers, Black African slaves and Indentured Chinese are the most numerous.
We were most interested in the educational system where all Cubans go to school to grade 9 and then have a choice to stop or go on to university. Education at all levels is free to all, as is health and medical care. We go on to explain housing, government, the electrical system, the women of Cuba and the participation in governments at all levels. Cuba is a democratic, socialist republic. 90%of the people take part in the political process and want to live in peace.
We do not try to make a comparison of one against the other, but rather to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions as we will do our best to show how Cubans live. While we keep an eye on the changing climate of our planet with its global warming and the reasons we will be forced to change our way of living.<br>Read the book and judge for yourself.