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Lizzie loves playing hockey, despite being stuck on a boy's team with teammates who treat her like dirt. When Trevor and Sean hide her equipment before a big game, She's forced to sit on the bench, and her dream of winning the Most Valuable Goalie award seems way out of reach. Added to her troubles is Tara, a creepy teenager with blue nails and "skunk" hair who is about to become Lizzie's stepsister. Lizzie is supposed to make her feel like one of the family, although Tara makes Lizzie feel miserable every chance she gets.
Alex, a weird kids from the team, helps Lizzie plot against her enemies, dreaming up a plan that makes Trevor look like a jerk in front of all his friends. But Alex never imagines the disastrous outcome - it begins with a dare and ends when Alex plunges into the Niagara Gorge. Does he survive?
Faced with the roaring falls, the billowing mist, and the darkness that fills the gorge, the rescue team almost gives up on Alex. But Lizzie doesn't. Remembering the tunnels running under the falls, she risks everything to save him - even her life.