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Darkness Falls


"Garntelth couldn't believe his eyes. The tunnel below was crammed with Blood Knights. In less than a minute, he watched over fifty march by, and there was no end in sight. The Blood Emperor had been planning for this battle for a long time."

Gensheen Agency Academy veternan Gex is preparing for the fight of his life - preparing for a rebellion against the tyrant, Blood Emperor Nars-Klan, who has ruled over his nation with an iron fist for three hundred years. No army has ever defeated Nars-Klan's Blood Knights, the deadliest fighters in the galaxy.
Meanwhile, Gex's twin brother Garntelth, the "Harfell Phantom," escapes from the most secure prison in the galaxy - his thirteenth escape; all part of his job. As he returns to his normal life, however, Garntelth learns of the coming rebellion. Believing a victorious outcome unlikely, he decides to fight the Blood Emperor on a different front. But as the bells toll for the late Blood Emperor and the Gensheen face the dawning of a new age, a new revolutionary figure arises, threatening the peace they've all so recently won. Who is The Master? Is he saviour, or traitor?