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Darwin or Adam and Eve

Not just an “eye catching” book cover! The author has extensive research experience; this book took over 10 years to produce. 
Quotations include famous scientists such as Stephen J. Gould. The book explains how modern translations of the book of Genesis by changing a word in the first sentence caused confusion! 
The author combines personal stories with science, history and logic, producing a “gem” full of valuable information that delights readers.
Chapters include…

. Why the Evolution theory has been accepted as truth by so many 

. New scientific discoveries revealed in the authors “letter” to Charles Darwin. 

. Genesis, an age old story, how it was accurately recorded and copied. 

. Serious scientific errors revealed in the “ice age” belief system. 

... Through deductive reasoning, the author makes a shocking discovery; “Dinosaurs” are still alive! Learn where to find them and their age in this thought provoking tale of discovery!