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Day By Day

Business is not life. Life is not business.
But really - can't women have both and be happy?
Entrepreneur, businesswoman, and author Anne Day says we can - and we can do it purely by being women, being smart and being supportive of one another.
From a childhood in Scotland to life on a Canadian farm, Anne writes about her early years and what motivates her in business.
She shares why she founded Company of Women, and through her practical, humorous, and sometimes touching stories shows how women entrepreneurs can pursue their passions and ideas, while still remaining sane.
She explains why balance doesn't necessarily have anything to do with work-life-home. And she encourages women to seek out the life they deserve so they can be successful - in life and in business.
If you have been thinking about starting a business, if you're in the trenches and in need of a confidence boost, or if you just love a great memoir that also urges you to be your best, Day by Day, with its chatty style and authenticity, makes for an inspiring and informative read.