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Death Row Diaries: Criminal Justice

The first book in the Death Row Diaries series that lets Death Row inmates tell their stories, live over the Internet and follows them to the death chamber.
Criminal Justice follows the life of Jack Stevenson, whose brother with Down's syndrome is jailed for the murder of his own sister. Jack falls in love with one of his brother's counselors and marries her. While on their honeymoon he is the winner of over a quarter billion dollars in a lottery. But his happiness will be short-lived. Jack's wife is killed. His father commits suicide.
The cameras are thrust in his face, eager for a story of how he is going to spend the money now that his whole family is gone. Distraught at the boldness of the reporters just days after their deaths, he unveils his plans.
He is going to use the money to kill five people that have done him wrong in life, one murder for each of his family members.
After killing his fourth victim he is caught and sentenced to death in the electric chair.
That is where the story begins.
Follow Jack and he recalls who, why, how and where he killed his victims. Sit back, listen and watch the re-enactments of the murders on pay-per-view over the Internet as told by the murderer himself. Follow him through his final day. Join him for his confession, his last meal and witness his live execution.
You be the judge, should he be a martyr, killing for the love of his family or has he become his own fifth victim?