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For as long as she can remember, Kae has had strong visions which she would transform into her short stories which always seemed to end in rhyming.
When a disaster happened somewhere in the world, she'd write, capturing the horror she'd felt at the news. When tragedy struck closer to home, she used her words and poems to ease the pain of her loss. But because 'life' is everything;...there are smattering's of humour throughout.
Now at 75, she looks back on her life and reflects on some of her choices and decisions, not without the odd regret.
She shares her words of wisdom, reaching out to others, encouraging them to learn from her experiences. Her constant theme is that life is as long as life is, and we should 'hone' what we 'are' and live our lives to follow 'our' dreams, not someone else's.
Kae lives in St. Jacobs, Ontario.