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Diamond Matriarch


A compelling love story where diamonds are not always a girl's best friend. Natasha Luxton, a gemologist by trade, is abandoned by millionaire Reece Nesbitt in Jamaica after a passionate love affair. 

Seven years later, and with the ardent desire to find the biological father of her six-year-old daughter, Natasha devises a bold plan to meet again with Reece who is yet unaware he has fathered a child. The second reunion draws Natasha to Toronto and into a daunting world of riches, love and blackmail, where one woman controls a diamond empire. Amelia Nesbitt, Reece's tyrannical mother, learns of the secret engagement between Reece and a woman (Natasha) she sees as an unworthy partner for her beloved son. Amelia acts quickly to end their relationship and oust Natasha permanently from their lives. Amelia is an unscrupulous woman who will stop at nothing to preserve her good name in society...not even murder. She is the DIAMOND MATRIARCH..