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Diverse Opinions


A long-lived author and scientist witness the changes occurring in societies around the planet. The waves of microbes, viruses, circle the planet weeding out the weak and the damaged both zoologically as well as botanically for that is their evolutionary role. The lesson to humankind is missed as it deals with the immediate chaos of current events. Humankind does not wish to investigate their future, but the warnings of future pandemics surround us all. 

It is time for humans to pause for a while and look around for the lessons are here for all to learn from the wealth of the universe, a gift from the creator of the cosmos. Why are we allowed to evolve into what we are on a single blue planet amid inimical forces that surround planet earth. ‘We have a right to be here for we are no different from the trees and the stars.’ 

The opinions written here is from and through the eyes of a weary traveler that no longer takes an active part in society. There are younger more able individuals to take over that role as it is their time. An individual’s opinions are not meant to preach but to nudge others to pause and feel their surroundings. Then with human compassion, take comfort that not all of humankind have not buried its collective head in sands.